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  • By Amitabh Sharma from India


    "First time I bought Android TV box from Gearbest and Experience is awesome. Their support Service is great. If you want to buy from India then don't hesitate to buy from Gearbest. They have priority line service through which you will receive your order within 10-12 days approximately. This website has plenty of payment option."

  • By Bailey D'Albertis from Canada


    "Gearbest offer a considerable variety of products made with quality at the right prices. Customers service is impeccable pre and after sale and the shipping speed is reasonable. I'm very satisfied and I recommend buying from them"

  • By Liana Weekers from Netherlands


    "gearbest shop is my favorite online store. offers a lot of promotions and rebates, shipping is very fast. the store offers a wide range of gadgets and equipment. I recommend to everyone."

  • By Nicolas Goncalves from Brazil


    "Inicialmente fiquei sem segurança, mas depois que recebi minha compra comprovei que é um site sério e estou muito satisfeito!"

  • By Burak Tatlıtuğ from Turkey


    "super guzel bir site cokta kalıtelı urunlerı var kargo hızlı teslimat guzel. her zaman alısveriş yapıyorum hep memnun kaldım.Müsteri temslcisi her zaman ilgii."

  • By Maryse Phaneuf from France


    "Overall, good experiences with GearBest, most items are shipped quickly and, however, still correspond to the description. The handling of the site is easy, as well as the communication with the customer service. The last command does not escape the rule. So I highly recommend."

  • By Torsten Fisher from Germany


    I've been buying on Gearbest for two years now. I never had problems with the order. Goods as described. Only once the item (the flashlight) was damaged - on the second day after contact with store staff - the item was sent again. Good quality. World prices. Great customer service."

  • By Catrinel Bîrlădeanu from Moldova


    "Very good quality, and shipping is fast, 1-2 weeks from order date in Moldova. Gearbest is like Amazon, but have worldwide shipping and good prices."

  • By Billy A. Todd from USA


    "Honestly, GearBest is the best online store, I have had very good experiences with it, the customer service is excellent and its catalog is comprehensive, the orders arrive packaged very carefully and the products are always as shown in the store , they are of very good quality and at unbeatable price, for that reason GearBest has become my online store of trust, excellent in a single word."

  • By Yuri Alekseyeva from Italy


    "Il top del top,ormai gearbest è una garanzia,questo regalo per mio padre,eccezionale,pagato un'inezia per il valore reale del prodotto,sempre il top del top delle cose elettroniche online,grandissimi,compro sempre da voi,per sempre..."

  • By Tiago Cunha from Brazil


    "Já fiz várias comprar com a gearbest e nunca me arrependo, são um dos melhores..."

  • By Igor Golubev from Russia


    "Overall, I made about 50 orders on this site and all of them have been successful so far. + The standard is free shipping, regardless of the price of the product. + In case of any problem, you can contact the customer support department without any problems. + A huge selection of products at low prices. I recommend this shop with all my heart."

  • By Evie Charlton from United Kingdom


    "I love Gearbest gearbest is amazing. the website is very userfriendly, the prices are very good. Itens arrive very fast and the support is very helpfull."

  • By Erik Baumgartner from Germany


    "good store. good prices, especially when there are discounted promotions. Earlier I had problems with payment in this store, but now I expanded the payment methods and all the problems ended"

  • By Julian Almeida from Brazil


    "Quando conheci o Gearbest, comecei fazendo compras pequenas, pois não tinha experiência em compras internacionais. Mas agora sempre pesquiso lá antes de comprar qualquer coisa e, na maioria das vezes, é melhor comprar com eles. Pena que os correios do Brasil sempre tentem estragar essa experiência, mas a loja é ótima. O suporte pós venda é muito bom e respondem rápido qualquer questionamento.Comprei desde cartões de memória até celulares no Gearbest e nunca me arrependi de uma compra sequer que fiz com eles. Além do fato de poder pagar parcelado mesmo sem ter cartão internacional. Nesta compra, por exemplo, estou com problema do celular ter sido perdido pelos correios do Brasil, mas a loja prontamente pediu desculpas pelo ocorrido e se propôs a enviar outro."

  • By Angus Matson from Australia


    "I have been using GeatBest for a few years now, and ordered around 50 items. So far i can not say any bad word. Everything was great, even the shipping is usually faster than from others overseas sellers. There is no shop with such prices like GearBest, especially if u get a coupon."

  • By Mandy Freud from Germany


    "I love this site! Their prices are almost everytime better then in other shops and community service always try to be kind and honest. For example, when I ordered wrong items, I just sent them back and got money back too. And I never got wasted products from there. Please stay as cool as you are!"

  • By Bruna Capon from Italy


    "The site is one of the best shopping sites that I buy freely and give me the best and when you get help send them a cause of damage or problem and they act and provide solutions to the shopping service they have a good good."

  • By Torben Schmidt from Denmark


    "Good e-shopping experience and very helpful support After some bad online shopping experience i finally found this wonderful web site they have everything you want in the best price as well as reduction events, true flash and daily sales, especially a very useful customer service i have 3 good experiences with GearBest i highly recommend it for every one"

  • By Yuri Alekseyeva from Russia


    "Заказывал несколько товаров все хорошо.прих одят несколько покупок в одной посылке что тоже хорошо."

  • By Victor Shanahan from USA


    "I have bought a number of different items from Gearbest and the products were all as the description stated. The delivery was very quick and the customer service was very efficient, as questions I had were answered very quickly. Great website, very easy to use and I would highly recommend it."

  • By Elisha Bocharov from Russia


    "I've been using Gearbest for about 3 years now, and I can honestly say that I'm really happy with shopping from Gearbest. I ordered many things from it, including Phones, Smartwatches, Power-banks, plus many other products and I've never got any problem with their products or their comprehensible support. they've been helping anytime I needed them, whenever I got a problem with the shipping or when a shipment got lost on the delivery they either immediately refund me the full price that I've paid or they resend me the product again, and that's what I mostly like about Gearbest, in addition of their offers and promotion that really really lower the prices of their product."

  • By Yasmin Fernandes from Brazil


    "Muito feliz com os produtos, o atendimento é de ótima qualidade e o envio foi de acordo com o combinado. Tratamento justo e de qualidade. Recomendo."

  • By Gaspar Estrada from Spain


    "What makes an online shop good? Great choose of products, fast delivery and excellent quality of products for very cheap price. I've bought a few products on Gearbest now, and the ones that surprised me were Xiaomi Backpack 26l and Bluedio T3 Plus headphones. More than excellent quality for that price. My friends thought that I paid at least twice more than i actually paid. I recommend this shop to everyone."

  • By Saku Suutari-Jääskö from Finland


    "I have been using for almost an year now and have outstanding shopping experience with them. The products range is massive and at best prices. Their customer care team is very helpful and helps via live chat support instantly. The shipping is always safe, fast and hassle free. I recommend gearbest to all my friends and family members for international shopping. My wishlist mostly contains gadgets and hobby products and I have always got them on time to India without any problems with customs and courier. "

  • By Lucinda Tryon from Australia


    "It seems to me they care about their customers. So far I had a few problems with two products and they solved it. I think they have everything to be the best online store. This last product came really fast and all is good. I am very happy with my product and their service."

  • By Stefan Kaestner from Germany


    "I've been buying products in Gearbest since 2 years ago, and so far I have no doubts I've been buying in the right shop. Anytime there were a problem, the costumer service will answer in a maximum of 2 days and will solve your problem. I will continue to buy at Gearbest for sure."

  • By Tekla Symanska from Poland


    "The first time i heard of GearBest was on youtube, so i tried buying some stuff, clothes mainly, when i received the first shipment, i noticed they package everything very nice, and the quality is really amazing. After that i keep buying, if i had a problem they answer very quickly. I'm so happy buying here and i know i can buy safely."

  • By Estevan Almeida from Brazil


    "GearBest é uma loja muito confiavel com um excelente atendimento com muito respeito ao consumidor tanto antes e depois da compra sempre muito bem atendido com soluções rapidas e eficazes uma loja super recomendavel com produtos de boa qualidade de otimo custo beneficio com envios rapidos e com facil acesso ao suporte "

  • By Matheus Persson from Sweden


    "Gear best is a global and excellent company, because it offers great products. The advantages of this company are that it cuts to 50 percent for a great product, and this is not the first time I bought the gear best."

  • By Arno Béland from France


    "Non, je n'ai eu aucun problème à recevoir les marchandises, et à temps j'ai obtenu votre site des meilleurs sites que j'ai achetés Les Les clients sont servis 100/100 mais les services sont bons Merci pour votre honnêteté et votre bon travail. Je vous remercie."

  • By Lazarus Butusov from Russia


    "I make purchases on since 2016 and until now I've never had a problem. My first purchase was a SSD Samsung 850 EVO: the product arrived on time, intact and fully functional. Then I made other purchases like a xiaomi backpack, a smartband, a strap, a powerbank and more and I was always satisfied with the service offered. Products quality always meets expectations."

  • By Giovanna Pereira from Brazil


    "Comprei um teclado mecânico gamer e chegou em apenas 18 dias corridos. Foi a loja com a entrega mais rápida que eu já comprei na internet!! A qualidade do produto foi perfeita. Super recomendo"

  • By Nicon Almonte from Spain


    "Yo utilizo el sitio y la app desde noviembre del 2017, es un excellente sitio para comprar desde china, les recomiendo utilizar el envio registrado o priority line, es muy seguro ya que aceptan pago con pay pal, yo he hecho varias compras, entre ellas una camara de accion elephone explorer s, memorias mixza, y otras cosas. Suerte con sus compras."

  • By Andreas Broberg from Greenland


    "Recently I learned about Gearbest. I decided to try to order. It's nice that registering Gearbest immediately gives you 50 points that you can use to pay for orders. It can be used several times. The registration procedure itself is very easy by the way, nothing superfluous, no important data to specify do not ask. After registration, you can receive daily newsletter contains products with discount. There are very favorable offers, discounts up to 60-70%. Try it and you will like it!"

  • By Hannah Conway from United Kingdom


    "I enjoy shopping in the gearbest shop. The shop has a good reputation. Buying is safe. There are no concerns about the payment and protection of the buyer. All complaints are settled in favor of the buyer. A very large selection of products. From electronics through tools, clothes and products to the home I recommend shopping at the gearbest store. You will certainly be satisfied."

  • By Lukas Gärtner from Belgium


    "I buying goods on every 2-3 weeks. The process of the ordering and buying on the site is very simple. The goods are well separated in many categories, the searching engine is preaty good. You can choose between 4-5 shipping methods (to Europe). I have never got broken package and my packages have never lost. Another interesting thing is, more and more EU warehouse are presented, so you can play with shipping time/ duty - customs fees. The prices are affortable, and there are lots of discounts (sometimes crazy sales for limited time). I highly recommend buying on"

  • By Madeleine Danielsen from Norway


    "I have a lot of time knowing and buying in the store, in general it is Good, the customer service is very good since they do not delay in answering even with the difference of schedules, the products are good and cheap, which gives me the confidence to buy in Gearbest is the method of payment, all payments are made through paypal and I'm sure to receive what I ask."

  • By Mark Bertelsen from Denmark


    "I'm really excited about making purchases on Gearbest, it's not the first time I've done it but it seemed like the right moment to vote for the whole organization. Packaging, shipping, communication with the staff all very professional and reliable. Above all the products that often purchase faithfully respect all the ads on their portal and finally the prices are always a bargain! The packaging and shipping (with the possibility of insurance) have met my expectations and the products arrived without any unexpected, perfect and working. And the payment with paypal is always superfast and protected. Thank you and at the next purchase."

  • By Miguel Fernandes from Brazil


    "Compro na Gearbest a pouco mais de 5 meses e estou muito satisfeito com todas as compras que fiz, melhor site de importação que já vi, recomendo a todos."

  • By Jürgen Fuhrmann from Germany


    "Made already a lot of orders from gearbest. All parcels have been delivered. When occur some problems, technical support works great. Made some bonuses from my orders and get best deals."

  • By Ephraim Woronoff from Russia


    "Не первый раз заказываю в этом магазине! Постоянно проводятся акции по хорошим ценам, разные виды услуг доставки. Разные виды оплаты, в том числе можно оплачивать через PayPal. За каждую покупку в магазине начисляются баллы, которые можно использовать на покупку другого товара 30% от стоимости товара. Отличная служба поддержки, которая в течении 24 часов дает ответ, в котором вы сможете решить свои проблемы. Очень доволен данным магазином, советую посетить этот магазин!"

  • By Anton Jensen from Turkey